Monday, September 30, 2013


Made my grand appearance at my Carpin pond today, business as usual. Carp millin around and can't set the hook on one. That is until I caught up to this little guy.

As usual I attacked the front line with the Carp Carrot. My go to fly so far. The take was so subtle I didn't even know I had him on. That and hes only 4.75 pounds so there was no fight at all.

After hooking into this guy I caught a glimps of some nice Carp rooting around in the shallow's with their dorsal fins out of the water. I made the attack but couldn't get close enough with out spooking them as I had to make a slow wade a third of the way across the shallow area. Then Carp I caught was nearly identical to the first. I swear it was either the same fish as before or it was it direct twin! Only the Carp will know...


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Progress with the Carp Clam

Took to the water this afternoon. Conditions seemed less than ideal. The area still has a lot of smoke hanging around from the Rim Fire near Yosemite National Park. The wind was teasing as well. The carp were avoiding today making the first two hours pain staking, stomping brush and watching mud flumes from fleeing carp. I guess that's what you get for trying spots you didn't want to fish.
Moved back to the other side of the pond after literally having a debate with myself on weather or not I was going to leave. After winning the battle I head back down to the water.

Looking like a Boss this little guy weighed in at 8 pounds. He was in a mad hurry to devour a Carp Carrot. He nearly took the spool to the backing, I had other ideas and put the brakes on him!

The water in this area had risen pretty substantially, causing the larger Carp to be in areas they are not normally in. This allows them to root around with their backs out of the water making for an easy spot. There is an area where the stream flows into the pond, making for a pretty shallow and wide area to cross to the back side of the pond. The carp like this spot because of the buffet that flows through. This is also a clam bed with tons of sign of the little guys.

Watching the Carp expose themselves gave me the thought that they were feeding on small clams, so I loaded the rod with my new ammo, the Carp Clam. This is the newest version that I have been working on and think that it might be the secret ingredient. My other versions have had good hook sets which is why I have used a new material.

This 6.5 pounder thought that it looked good enough for him. Not only did he devour the Carp Clam but he swallowed it as well. Guess that's the sign that it works!

Hard to see in the picture but the Carp Clam is in there! This is a great sign!

 Nice ending to a slow start!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Overdue Update

I've been doing lots of fishing. Haven't kept track of all the outings, but that's the goal for next year. I recently went thru a four outing dry spell, very frustrating to say the least. It was more of an attempt to find some big Carp in the Truckee River. Many were seen and lessons were learned. Although I had seen some of the biggest Carp yet, well into the 20lb range!

Take half a day off work yesterday and headed out for some more R&D (Research & Development). I have been searching for some new water.